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Wedding tips part 5:

How much? Price.

Some consultants advise that 10% of the wedding budget should be spent on music.

On average you should expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for the ceremony and the reception music. Prices will vary depending on the number of musicians - a string quartet will be more than a solo organist, and presumably a Big Band will be more than a DJ - but nothing beats live music!

Some average costs:
The cost of your musicians will obviously depend greatly on the quality of musicians, the demand for musicians during the time of year your wedding takes place, and the types of musicians you are hiring (soloist, string quartet, band, DJ, etc.).

For this reason it is difficult to give much recommendation, other than: 1.) don't put your wedding at risk by going with the cheapest option, and 2.) be sure to shop around - word of mouth can be the best indicator as to who will be your best option!

Tipping - This is at your discretion, and depends greatly on the function of the person in the wedding and the number of people in the ensemble! The larger the ensemble, the lower the necessity to tip them. Also - an organist who plays a lengthy Catholic service should receive a greater tip than your cousin Edna singing "The Rose."


1. When to book
2. Setting the mood
3. Setting the stage
4. Hiring musicians
5. How much?
6. Acoustic or amplified?
7. Music selection
8. Putting it all together!

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